We were a group of 5 senior citizen ladies, one with some disabilities. Our tour guide, James, was especially helpful and kind to the one needing some extra care. At the same time he worked hard to provide a good tour and experience for the rest of the travelers in our tour. He gave us history, told delightful stories, and made sure we knew what we were looking at on the tour. We were so glad not to be doing our own driving on the curvy roads, especially with the sheer drop offs. It allowed all of us to take in the beauty surrounding us. We would highly recommend this tour. And a very special thanks to James for doing such a great job caring for all of our needs!
Daniel was our tour guide through Yosemite. He was a wonderful ambassador for California and the Yosemite area. He went above and beyond our expectations to make our trip truly memorable.
Dan was a great and knowledgeable tour guide. We saw many of the beautiful views of Yosemite as well as a tour of the Majestic Hotel, Fern Spring, base of the Bridal Falls and Yosemite Falls, pointed out some rock climbers on El Capitan and much more.
We were picked up at our hotel in a Hummer. The Hummer is the perfect vehicle to go through the park when there is ice or snow. Our tour guide, Ram, is knowledgeable and passionate about Yosemite. He provides information and background on each part of Yosemite as the tour progresses. Our tour included: Glacier Point, Tunnel View, Yosemite Waterfall,Yosemite Rock Formations, Ahwahnee Hotel and many other sites. Your tours can be tailored to include other activities. We also stopped at 'off the beaten path' stops to fully enjoy Yosemite. Yosemite is magical in the winter. I can't wait to go back in the fall.
I had a really great time doing this tour. The tour guide Ram was very knowledgeable about Yosemite and took me to all the cool spots. He knew about cool little areas that I don't think other guides stop at. I had a lot of fun on this trip and highly recommend it.